Office of People Analytics
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Please enter your DoD ID Number and select your day of birth to see if you have been selected to take the listed survey(s). Your DoD ID Number is found on the back of your CAC or your military spouse ID.
Frequency Asked Questions
  • This is your chance to be heard on issues that directly affect you.
  • Results from the Department’s survey will be used by DoD to develop policies that will support you, your fellow military members, your families, and your DoD civilian counterparts.
  • Your responses to the Department’s survey make a difference.
  • The survey is confidential to the extent allowed by law.
  • All data will be reported in the aggregate and no individual data will be reported.
  • We encourage you to safeguard your Ticket Number to prevent unauthorized access to your survey. In addition, to ensure your privacy, be aware of the environment in which you take the survey (e.g., take the survey when no one else is home, do not leave the survey unattended).