Security Protection Advisory

WEBSITE PRIVACY: Neither the Department of Defense (DoD) nor Data Recognition Corporation will collect personal information about you when you visit this website unless you choose to provide it yourself. If you provide personal information, it will be kept private, to the extent permitted by law. Our system does not enable "cookies," which are files placed on your computer's hard drive in order to monitor your use of the site or the web. For more information about your privacy rights, please read the Privacy Advisory at the start of the survey.

This website does collect certain data from your visit but does not store it in a way that it can be linked to you. This non-personal information helps us make the site more useful by recognizing the types of technology being used. The data collected are listed below:

  1. The Internet Protocol (IP) address for the computer and the server being used on the Internet (for example,,, Depending on your Internet service provider, IP addresses may identify your computer; in other cases, they identify no more than your Internet service provider (such as Verizon or Comcast).
  2. The type and version of the browser and operating system used to access our site.
  3. The date and time this site was accessed.
  4. Number of bytes sent and received.
  5. The pages visited.
This information is stored permanently for troubleshooting technical problems and for future capacity planning. It cannot be linked to any survey response data and resides in a completely different database. It may be shared with DoD as required for troubleshooting connections from DoD computers. None of this information will be revealed publicly or used to identify you.